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Shipping from the UK to Brazil

Shipping such a long distance requires:

  • thorough planning

  • extensive logistical capabilities

That is where Parcelabc comes through. We are motivated to help a sender find the best shipping solution for his or hers parcel. Whether it is determining the quickest route or the cheapest option, shipping from the UK to Brazil is our specialty. People who are using regular post will lose a lot of time because their shipment is not going to be handled by professionals and might get damaged during transportation.

Remember that according to both countries laws, a person cannot send:

  • Money orders.

  • Fresh poultry meat and poultry products coming from U.S.

  • Diplomatic mail

  • Artwork (fine)

  • Alcoholic beverages

unless you are doing a commercial import, which requires obtaining a special permit.

Before you ship a package from the United Kingdom to Brazil, make sure you understand the responsibilities outlined by the Brazilian customs.

Regarding the UK originated parcels, postage experts suggest using a clean container (if possible) and trusting a familiar and reliable courier because it is a lot faster. Also, if the item documentation is in English, try adding Portuguese if possible. Parcelabc would like to add that you can also choose the best way to ship your package on our website. Fill in the quote to get suggestions for carriers and compare the prices and other details.

Upon arrival, shipments are inspected by customs which can either clear or hold-up the package if there are suspicions. If you are sending something precious which you don’t want to be opened pre-delivery, make sure that the postage documents are accurate and officers have no reason to open up the parcel. Be careful and follow the guidelines we describe here or contact our team directly by e-mail so you would avoid any incidents.

If the parcel is not cleared it is time for a second, more thorough check. In this stage, the packets are usually opened and their content analysed. If it is proven that the packet is safe, it returns to the postal route and if not, further analysis awaits to determine violations. The only thing to really avoid is sending items with intent of hiding a commercial purpose or weapons/dangerous materials.

Once the package gets cleared, the package is in the hands of carriers and they will handle your parcel on the final stretches of its journey. Shipping from the UK to Brazil requires your decisions. Parcelabc takes pride in giving the customer the power to determine the best way to ship his or hers packet. Choose from the options available and contact our team if any questions arise.

If you are looking for someone to get your parcel from the United Kingdom over the pond to Brazil, Parcelabc is the best service provider in this field. We offer:

  • uncompromised quality

  • rapid responses

  • client-oriented service

  • fair prices

all of this, with the availability of choice for the shipping companies and methods.