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Do you love flamenco, samba or the spirit of carnivals? Then Brazil is a hot destination for you. This country lives in the rhythm and spirit of carnivals and dances. Brazilians are relaxed, warm and welcoming to foreign tourists or visitors. Rio’s beaches, football matches, Amazon forests are few of many highlights that attracts millions of visitors every year. Sending items to Brazil is made easy with Parcelabc.

We will help you find the best way to send your package to Brazil in South America. Whether it is intended to be a gift or you need to transport a legal document, our company will help you find the best solution to get it delivered. International postage, whether airmail or shipping, can be labelled as a complex operation requiring extensive legal knowledge, especially when considering the cheapest way to get a parcel into Brazil, since it is really instructive on what can enter and leave the country.

If you want to avoid problems and confusions, the obvious choice is to trust a reliable postage partnerParcelabc. You can fill out a quote with the basic information about the parcel, whether it is a small packet or a large box, and we will provide you with the accurate numerical data about import charges, postage rates and freight capabilities of various couriers and postage companies.

You can easily scroll the list to find out about the cheap way to transport a parcel from the UK to Brazil. Shipping and delivering parcels take some time, but if you read the information here on Parcelabc on what is legally allowed to be imported, we can guarantee that your parcel will reach the destination in Brazil quickly and safe, right according to the plan.

Posting to the American continent from the UK can be done via airmail or by ship. Unless the courier travels to Canada first but that is rare in these times. Read Parcelabc’s guide to find out what items can be imported into Brazil since they are not a part of the EU there are some restrictions to deliveries. For transporting in to Brazil of America, you need a postage partner which can take care of:

  • collection
  • shipping
  • postage
  • delivery

from which you can choose the most appealing option. We do not confine you to choose one specific company: Parcelabc wants to become a reliable partner and help you get the package to its destination in a cheap, quick and safe way. Since Brazil is home to a lot of these companies, the choices are plentiful.

How to know what is the price and what the costs will be to send a parcel to Brazil?

There are no fixed price list for shipping to Russia. The costs of shipping can be accurately calculated after you enter the weigh and dimensions in to the quote calculator on Parcelabc’s website.

What is the cheapest way to deliver my package to Brazil from the UK?

In truth, it all depends on the parcel you wish to send to Brazil from the UK. By filling in the quote on our website you can get offers from various couriers and postal companies, so it is up to you to decide on whether to go with the cheapest option or to choose a company which you prefer. Depending on your choice, the cost of the service is going to differ accordingly.

Postage to Brazil from the UK: what can I send to Brazil in a parcel?

There are a few prohibitions that we recommend getting familiar with. You can’t import: log and timber products from Liberia, Pleasure boats valued above US$3,500, Stamps (collectible), Traveller’s checks, Guns. Other than that – most items are allowed. Read our page on Shipping to Brazil to find a more extensive list.